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Our Lady of Compassion Primary School welcomes you! Please feel free to look around and see the fabulous things we do.
Mrs M.M. Lynn - Headteacher
Tel: 01704 877281

Liverpool Echo

echoRevealed: Merseyside’s 10 best primary schools for 2015 SATS results

Our Lady of Compassion comes second best primary school in Merseyside for 2015 SATS results

December 10, 2015


% Level 4 and above: 100

% Level 4B and above: 100

% Level 5 and above: 53

Average score: 31.8

Average level: 5C

Mission Statement

At Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School we aim to provide the best possible educational and pastoral care for all our pupils. We strive to create opportunities to ensure children maximize their full potential. We aim to pass on an awareness and appreciation of the Gospel values and support all members of our school community in the name of Jesus Christ.